Got Milk? We do...
And you can too!
Goat and Cow shares now available
Zenubi Creek Farm
11033 CR 574
Blue Ridge, Texas, 75070
Here's how it works....

A share is having part ownership of a dairy herd (either goat or cow) and entitles the holder to
a percentage of what the herd produces, which is usually a gallon per week - per share.   
By owning a share in the herd, you along with other shareholders, have a fresh supply of your
own milk, usually picked up weekly at a designated time for the duration of your share
Goats and cows require maintenance, feeding, housing, milking and more.  A farm would
board your goat or cow, care for it, milk it and prepare the milk for you to pick up from the
farm and you pay the herdsman for the boarding, care, feeding and milking of your goats or

The herd at Zenubi Creek Farms currently works on 9 calendar months, between March 1st
and December 1st.  
We highly recommend that you review your needs for the year and purchase shares
accordingly as supplies are quite limited by the middle of the season when lactation curves
decrease, does are bred and the cycle winds down for the spring.  

COST (per share):
The cost of one share, for either Goat or Cow is $25.00.   This is a one-time fee as long as you
would like to maintain the ownership**,  and you may purchase as many shares as you need
and that are available.

Boarding Fee for Goat Shares :
$10. per week - per share.

Boarding Fee for Cow Shares:
$5.00 per week - per share

Other fees:
Our Special Service Fees are for the production and packaging of cheese, yogurt, butter and
any other food stuffs that are made from products on the farm. The prices for these items are
not included in the boarding fee and must be purchased separately.

If you have any questions about the shares, please feel free to call or email us your questions.

**Since most shareholders do not wish to pay weekly board-and-keep fees through the
winter, when the goats are not producing milk, the $25 Share buy-in is renewed at the
beginning of each season.