In Memory of..
Zenubi*Creek Mahogany's Magic   
3/10/05 - 1/8/07

S - SAADA Winn-Jammer
S - Lonesome-Doe Sweet Pea
SD - Pruittville's Mullberry

DS - Forrest-Pride Torpedo
D - Zenubi*Creek Mahogany Rain
DD - Citadel Over The Rainbow
Without any explanation, Lacota left us on a seemingly normal day. He took a big piece
of my heart with him.
RIP Lacota.. thank you for the daughters you gave me, may they do you proud!
Magic was my first bottle baby and a very special doe. She kidded on 12/27/07 with
beautiful twin doelings, her third freshening as a two year old. Sadly, we lost her a week
later to complications. I will miss her greatly and pray she waits for me over that bridge..  
Magic, I love you!
Zenubi*Creek Ebony Raindancer

SS - Forrest-Pride Pary Beaul
S - Forrest-Pride Torpedo
SD - Forrest-Pride Fancy Niblets

DS - Longman's Sunspots Beaujolais
D - Citadel Over The Rainbow
DD - Citadel S/F Snip
Dancer was a stunning doe. She was much improved over her dam with her udder being
higher and tighter in the rear and well blended in the fore. She had strong legs and a
wide capacious body and a wonderfully sweet disposition.
Sadly, she lost her battle with pneumonia 3/11/08.. I will miss her everyday and pray that
she also waits for me over that bridge..
Dancer, I love you!

SGCH Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
Moore's-Meadow CHB Kay's Rowdy
GCH Bosque-Valley Country Boquet

Moore's-Meadow Glory Seeker
Moore's-Meadow Seek Naomie
Moore's-Meadow Safari's Nola
I didn't get much time to spend with this wonderful guy, and alas, no daughters in my herd
to carry on his name. RIP sweet Baron