Zenubi Creek Farm
Welcome to Zenubi Creek Farm in beautiful Blue Ridge, Texas
Hi! My name is Stacy and my husband's name is Mike. Together, we live on 16 heavily
wooded acres with 2 Dalmatians, 4 LGD's,  some Jersey cows, a small flock of assorted
chickens and my pride and joy, my herd of Nubian dairy goats.  We've been maintaining a
small dairy herd since 2002, almost 4 years after I first fell in love with the Nubian breed.  I
have always aimed for girls that not only put milk in the bucket, but do so throughout the
year, while maintaining sound structure, level toplines, sound legs and correct - well attached
udders.  Sweet dispositions are a must (of which they already have) and of course that
elegant Nubian style!    I'm constantly striving to improve by breeding to the best buck I can
get my hands on.  We didn't appraise in 2012, and the dates for 2013 didn't mesh with our
breeding.. We are planning on appraising in 2014 AND going on DHIR!  

Herd health is of utmost importance to us.  We test annually, usually around October, for CAE
through Biotracking and again, we are a CAE FREE HERD.  We've also started testing bucks
for G6S, a genetic anomaly in Nubians and eventually, we'll start testing the does as well.  All
births are attended to and all kids are pulled and bottle raised on CAE prevention using heat
treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.  Years ago, I wasn't happy with the goat food the
stores around me were selling, too much molasses and corn, and the girls wouldn't eat it, so I
was mixing my own using oats, barley, Calfmana and BOSS. I have since, with the assistance
of other dairy goat owners, found a mix that not only do my girls LOVE, but they have
bloomed on it. They also have a locally grown Sudan hay available at all times but this year,
due to the heat and lack of availability, their Alfalfa has been rationed. They have a quality
mineral available to them 24/7 and the herd is on an herbal program to maintain heard health
and fecal sampling is done routinely to combat the tenacious worms we have here in Texas.

We are now offering
Goat And Cow Shares for those that want a little taste of farm life and
of course that wonderful milk. We also have some fabulous goat milk soap and dabble a bit in
cheese making.

I hope you enjoy touring my web-site, y'all come back soon!
Zenubi Creek Farm
11033 CR 574
Blue Ridge, Texas, 75424
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